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7 months ago


Storgasms Or Orgasms?

I have a friend who is a totally clothes horse. She loves clothes and they love her ight back, which is nice. I should probably hate her for it, but she is so charming and works so hard at it that it is hard to do anything but love her looks and enthusiasm. She does a lot of shopping around the designer stores and is on firsty name terms with a hell of a lot of the managers of the shops on Bond Street. Her favourites are Armani and Dolcxe and Gabbana – clearly she has a thing for the Itailians when it comes to clothes. And in shoes it is basically a pretty even split between Jimmy Choo and Salvatore Ferragamo.

But in her private life she is a nerdy book worm when she is not spending hours at the gym or shopping. So she spends that time in lycra and cotton and trainers. I have to say that she looks damn good in it, by the way, but the girl hitting the hell out of the punch bag or hammering the crossfit work out of the day looks different to what her clients would expect. And as for the girl curled up with a pint of black coffee and a kindle for hours, well no-one but her friends would recognise her as one of the sexy girls who escort Malaga visitors. It is only when she is working that she dresses up in her stock of glamorous dresses and high heels. And, of course, the ludicrous collection of exotic and erotic lingerie that a high class escort needs. She thinks of it as her uniform.

Where she says the two parts of her life come together – if you will pardon the language is in how she feels about them. Sexually, my friend is incredibly lucky. She orgasms quickly, easily and frequently from pretty much any kind of sex, whether with a client or a social partner. I jokingly asked her one time whether, if she had the choice, she would rather have an orgasm or buy a new pair of Jimmy Choos. She paused for a second and reflected. Now I can live with the fact that for most women it might be a tricky choice, but I kind of assumed that for an easily orgasmic woman like her the choice would be easier. Apparently not. So she came up with a perfect conclusion.

“OK, if I have to choose between an orgasm and a storgasm I really could not. So I am going to take a guy into the changing rooms and get both in the same trip.”

Good girl!